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KAG Pet (Keep AmazinG) is a Toronto-based pet-friendly lifestyle label founded in 2017, offers custom pet products & minimalist and functional home products. We are a group of young, passionate, and dedicated people driven by the idea to help out hundreds of wonderful pets waiting to be rescued in Canada and other rescues across the world. We believe that every pet deserves a second chance, so we desperately need your help. We offer custom pet products where you can upload a photo of your pet(s) to make custom products such as needle felted pet portraits and hand-drawn pet portraits.

Once you place an order, 5% of each sale goes to Ontario SPCA. Your compassion and generosity to the animals make it possible for the Ontario SPCA to continue providing urgently needed care and shelter for thousands of animals suffering from injury, abuse, or neglect each year.

We want to help out all fellow rescue dogs, cats, and other pets, and we really appreciate it if you could support us by getting a KAG Pet product of your very own.

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Eco-Friendly Material and Packaging

We care about the environment just as much as you do. Both of our products and packaging base themselves on environmentally friendly materials such as wool, which is natural and 100% biodegradable. Our eco-friendly packaging uses recycled cardboard boxes and with our minimalist design.

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Small Actions Make a Big Difference

Most of our products often come in a reusable cotton bag, which is a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags that contribute to plastic waste in the ocean. We believe small actions can make a big difference. Thank you for joining us to reduce our carbon footprints on the planet.

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